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League of Legends characters as Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards.

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League of Legends characters as Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards.

Post by RainbowUnicornz on Sat Jun 02, 2012 11:50 pm

Hey guys, had too much free time so I made some cards based off of the champions from League of Legends. Tell me what you think! Alot of the effects they have are based from the game "League of Legends". Some I flat out tell you, others can just be compared.

Alistar: His summoning abilities can be used for quick synchros. Similar to the card "Junk Synchron", but gives you access to up to level 7 synchros. Only have 2 normal monsters in the set. But, I might make more.

Amumu: A weaker version of Cybertech, but it can attack your opponent directly. Counter to Dark Worlds.

Anivia: Can be brought out by alistar+his effect, and another monster depending on how many more levels you need. Can give you the advantage if you get it out successfully.

Annie: Didn't actually make the ritual spell card, just use your imagination :) Used for field clearing.

Ashe: Target for Alistar.

Brand: Target for Alistar, decent beatstick.

Jax: Easy summon, just get 2 monsters on the field and go to town. Might make an equip card set for him.

Tryndamere: Good beatstick. Summons similar to a Chaos Monster but easier. Can't be destroyed by battle, similar to endless rage.

Twitch: Free beatstick, stupidly easy to summon, helpful effect if you can keep him on the field long enough.

Zilean: ANOTHER special summon, easily brought out by alistar. His attack point boost is in reference to his 3 second speed boost in-game.


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Re: League of Legends characters as Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards.

Post by Kawaii on Sun Jun 03, 2012 12:53 am

I don't play the game but the cards r soo adorable & sweet :D

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Re: League of Legends characters as Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards.

Post by zekekioshima on Sat Jun 09, 2012 9:40 pm

omg nice work wish i know how to make card because i got some idea.


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Re: League of Legends characters as Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards.

Post by Sponsored content

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